The first batch of Nintendo games was released in 1985. It featured a total of 20 titles dafa many of which became true classics like Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt and Excitebike. In 1987, the production of NES games exploded and kept growing for half a decade. By the official retirement of NES in 1994, over 700 original titles were licensed by Nintendo. Nearly 500 million carts were sold world-wide with Super Mario Bros alone responsible for 40 million.

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The original Nintendo Entertainment System was released in the United States during August of 1985, just a few years after it had been introduced in Japan as Famicom or Family Computer. Backed by classic games such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, the NES was an instant hit conquering https://deportivasapuestaschile.cl/dafabet-chile millions of living rooms across the world. The console's graphics were far superior to any home system before it and left gamers with the impression of being at the arcades.

Much of the success that NES acheived was due to the favourable market conditions at that time. Hiroshi Yamauchi and Masayuki Uemura managed to release the console at a very low price while their competitors were in recession.http://deportivasapuestaschile.cl/dafabet-chile

History of the NES

The Nintendo Entertainment System uses a modified 8-bit NMOS CPU at 1.773447 MHz. With its mere 2 Kb video memory, it produces 256x240 pixel resolution with a maximum palette of 25 on-screen colors.

The hardware of the NES is designed to take a cartridge that holds the game software, take input from controllers and peripheral devices, and output graphics and sound through a television. The NES was originally modeled to have cartridges input thorugh the front of the system as opposed to the top of the system.

NES Hardware Specifications

Did you know?
Mario has appeared in a number of “Game and Watch” portable systems long before making his way into Super Mario Bros. for the NES.